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After completing humanities studies and graduating in Law, I obtained a Master in Business Management and Strategy and since 2003 I have been working in contact with people.

Since 2005 I have directed my profile towards management roles of teams and individuals, not only within multinational companies, but also for individual private professionals, in the sphere of personal life and, finally, in sport.

I am  a Trainer and professional Coach recognised by Law 4/2013 and regularly registered with the Italian Coaching Association (registration n.  1185).

My business is to help people identify and achieve their personal goals, addressing the lack of the right motivational and technical elements to overcome difficulties in work and private life. All this, through a methodology that places the person and his potential at the center, enriching him with theoretical and practical tools.

After 20 years of experience in the Coaching and Training sector, which have seen me have extensive responsibilities, including commercial ones in various sectors in which I have operated, the approach and method developed have led Leaders, simple people, athletes and companiesto achieve progress and successes that today represent my pride.

Bum Phillips, famous American football coach, said: “winning is only half of success, the other half is fun”. I say, therefore, that whatever needs to be done; any obstacles that need to be overcome; whatever dream you want to achieve, you get it not only with commitment, but also with fun. We must maintain a healthy madness, whether it is in accepting seemingly impossible challenges (nothing is impossible), in laughing at oneself or in having fun. Thus it creates positive energy and every human being needs to be on the right side of their life: that of positive thinking.

Always, in work as well as in private life and in sport, my greatest satisfaction is LEADING PEOPLE TO SUCCESS AND THE REALIZATION OF THEIR DREAM / NEED THROUGH PERSONAL GROWTH.

Can’t wait to help you too.

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"I swear that I will execute, according to my strength and my judgment, this oath and this written commitment: to always put people first, respecting this art like my father and to support my clients in their time of need.

I will practice this art without hesitation and with passion, sharing the precepts and oral teachings and every other doctrine with my clients, bound to them by a contract and bound by this oath.

I will regulate the standard of living for the good of my clients, according to my strength and my judgment; I will refrain from causing harm and offense. With innocence and purity I will guard my life and my art.

On what I can see or hear during my practice or even outside the practice on the life of my clients, I will keep silent what is not necessary to be disclosed, considering it a professional secret.

And to me, therefore, who take such an oath and do not step on it, be allowed to enjoy life and art, honored by all men forever; the opposite happens to me if I violate it and if I perjure ".


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